Green investments of oil giants: change of strategy or just throwing dust in experts’ eyes?

Most of experts connect the so called “green investments” of world’s largest fossil fuel companies with unstable political situation in the Middle East countries. The main subject to worry about is Saudi Arabian plans about separating state economy from petrol industry. Shareholders from Exxon Mobil and Shell are going to fight climate changes according to UN agreement about climate and nature. And now we want to understand: will real steps to help our planet be taken or its just play for public to gain some extra rating in social media?

The modern energies (global) injustice

Most of people think that any kind of injustice had already been eradicated. But in fact companies that control energy market keep more than billion people without access to electricity. Privatization, that should make all sources of energy equally available for all people, makes satiation even worse. Powerful countries use different methods to keep control. 

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