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What is the campaign about?

With about 40% of Europe’s energy consumption the building sector has the largest potential to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Investing in energy efficiency measures and renewable energy for buildings is the most straightforward way to achieve economic and ecologic benefits for building owners, building users and society in general.

Taking smart investment decisions

For the first time ever, the European buildings, energy efficiency and renewables industries have joined forces. This concerted action is aimed at giving building owners, public authorities and citizens, access to the latest practice as well as relevant information for sustainable investment decisions. The knowledge that energy efficient houses and buildings lead to important energy costs savings over their lifetime is convincing more and more investors.

Becoming e-campaigners yourself

The Smart-e Buildings campaign aims to mobilise Europeans through an interactive web portal linked to the main social networks like Twitter and Facebook. The portal thus acts as a platform, providing building owners and users, guidance into the world of energy efficient buildings.

How to actively promote energy efficient buildings?
You can:

  • present yourself as a solution provider to your audience on the Smart-e map (interesting for energy advisors, building authorities, and energy efficiency experts);
  • publish tools and good practices;
  • comment on the Smart-e blog (after registering or by being logged into your Facebook account);
  • publish news and events;
  • influence the sustainable energy revolution by becoming a Smart-e supporter.

Engaging parliamentarians

The campaign will be backed by a network of Parliamentarians which will be strengthened through events in national and European Parliaments. This will plug the gap of political understanding in some EU member states on the great potential of the building sector to reach the 3x20 goals.


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