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Take your energy back!

Buildings in the EU account for 40% of the final energy consumption. Stop this huge waste of energy by constructing or renovating your building with efficient and renewable technologies. Get updated here, share your story and support the Smart-energy buildings campaign!

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  • Do you want to install a PV-system? And you're looking for guidance on how to?
  • Are you looking for tips to save energy in your home?
  • Would you like to renovate your building? But you don't know where to start?


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World Sustainable Energy Days 2012
| 12/01/2012

The conference programme is online (www.wsed.at) available – please register now!

Campaign kick-off dinner debate with MEPs
| 12/12/2011

Smart-e Buildings for Smart People! Get smart, stop the leakage and save your energy!

Bosco Verticale - two buildings to bring forest life to the centre of Mailand
| 08/12/2011

Two highrise buildings are under construction in the heart of Mailand, Italy. The building envelopes are covered with as much plant life as in an acre of forest. The building design aims to create an urban ecosystem that offers sustainability that everyone can benefit from.

Energie in oberösterreichischen Gemeinden
| 01/12/2011

Erneuerbare Energie und Energie-Effizienz spielen eine wichtige Rolle in den Gemeinden in Oberösterreich.

In einem sanierten Haus leben zufriedene Menschen – ein Leitfaden für Hauseigentümer
| 22/11/2011

Gekauft, geerbt oder lange nichts gemacht: Viele Hausbesitzer stehen vor der Entscheidung, ihr Haus energetisch zu sanieren und wissen nicht so recht, wo sie anfangen sollen.

Solarstrom boomt in Oberösterreich
| 16/11/2011

Die Nutzung der Sonnenenergie zur Stromerzeugung ist derzeit das Energiethema in Oberösterreich.

A financial mechanism for building renewal - Energy Performance Contracting
| 15/11/2011

Energy Performance Contracting is a proven and cost-efficient instrument for tapping existing energy saving potentials in the buildings sector.

Provide local incentives for sustainable buildings
| 04/11/2011

The Green Building Award of Frankfurt am Main 2011.

Anreize für nachhaltiges Bauen schaffen
| 04/11/2011

Ein Beispiel auf Frankfurt am Main: Der Architekturpreis Green Building 2011.

Get inspired: more than 20 case studies of energy retrofit homes in the UK
| 04/11/2011

Target 2050 is the name of Stroud District Council's overall strategy to address climate change through actions in the domestic, commercial and public sectors. The programme of work is being delivered through a partnership with Severn Wye Energy Agency.

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This building will be used not only as company headquarters but mainly for the organisation of seminars, trainings and promotion of technologies in the area of energy savings. The building itself will serve as a „teaching tool“ on which visitors can see the various technologies used during construction of energy-effective buildings. 
Jan Neuwirt, INTOZA s.r.o., Czech Republic
© photo INTOZA s.r.o.

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