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PeSCoS - Personalised sustainability coaching for SMEs | 11/06/2011

Blog post by: PeSCos

The Member States of the EU have agreed upon ambitious climate protection goals and several EU Directives define concrete goals for energy savings and for the use of renewable energies.

Low energy consumption building | 23/05/2011

Blog post by: ADEME

The first "zero energy" school in Ile de France (in the town Pantin) has risen from the ground.

Energiebesparen begint bij Meer Met Minder | 22/05/2011

Blog post by: Ketchum Pleon

Wie in Nederland aan de slag wil met energiebesparing in zijn woning kan terecht bij Meer Met Minder. MMM is een gezamenlijk initiatief van de Rijksoverheid, woningcorporaties, bouw-, installatie- en energiebedrijven. MMM is ook belangrijk voor bedrijven en overheden.

2020 versus 2050? | 22/05/2011

Blog post by: Gérard Magnin, Energy Cities, September 2009

We are faced with energy and climate challenges that oblige us to simultaneously ponder short, medium and long-term considerations. All society players, regardless of their sector of activity, are concerned by this new exercise.

Old Home SuperHome | 18/05/2011

Blog post by: Energy Saving Trust

The ultimate aim in transforming the existing housing stock in the UK is to reduce domestic carbon emissions by 60%.

Practice what you preach… | 16/05/2011

Blog post by: Christine Lins, EREC

Following this motto, I decided to install my new PV installation in my apartment in Brussels.

Budapest innovates in refurbishing the largest block of flats in Central Europe | 13/05/2011

Blog post by: Energy Cities

Buildings we live and work in are big energy consumers and polluters, accounting for 40% of Europe’s current energy consumption and 36% of its CO2 emissions.

A “renewable listed showcase” in the heart of Brussels: the Renewable Energy House | 05/05/2011

Blog post by: EREC

The Renewable Energy House, an office building with modern meeting facilities of approximately 2.800 m2, is the central point for renewable energy issues in Europe’s capital (Brussels).

TCA awards 2011: Lille is crowned! | 02/05/2011

Blog post by: Energy Cities

In the frame of the Display® Campaign, the "Toward Class A" Award Ceremony took place on Wednesday, 13 2011 in Brussels.

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