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This building will be used not only as company headquarters but mainly for the organisation of seminars, trainings and promotion of technologies in the area of energy savings. The building itself will serve as a „teaching tool“ on which visitors can see the technologies used during construction of energy-effective buildings. The house is drawn up according to the philosophy of the company which is focused on energy savings.


  • designed as an example of energy-passive construction
  • shape and orientation chosen as such so that heat losses of the building are minimised and solar passive gains are maximised
  • effective outside shadowing of windows 
  • internal climate management by a control system
  • all heat bridges are eliminated in the building sheathing
  • source of heat: heat pump and solar energy 


Jan Neuwirt, INTOZA s.r.o., Czech Republic

© photo INTOZA s.r.o.

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How does it feel to live in a Smart-e home?!

  • Give details on how you’ve made your home more energy efficient, and if possible the money invested.
  • Tell us what it has changed for you and your family: comfort, energy and/or money saved, energy awareness.
    • You now spend more cosy evenings in winter time?
    • Your neighbours are eying up your house in envy and will follow your steps soon?
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  • If existing, include a link to a webpage giving more details on your Smart-e story.


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