The modern energies (global) injustice

Most of people think that any kind of injustice had already been eradicated. But in fact companies that control energy market keep more than billion people without access to electricity. Privatization, that should make all sources of energy equally available for all people, makes satiation even worse.

Powerful countries use different methods to keep control. For example, British government fully supports privatization in Nigeria and then destroys local people lives and leaves them hungry using the multination corporations. Don’t you believe this? If in UK there are many factories are constructed to save ecology, in African countries it is possible to burn a lot of gas, oil and coal without being busted for this. The result is massive climate changes, including regular deluges and droughts. Such natural disaster causes a lot of death from starving and illnesses. We have proven that most of our politicians are connected with fossil fuel industry or financial sector. Here’s an actual example.

But it’s time to change !

Someday fossil fuel will end. People and companies, who had already integrated renewable sources of energy in their lives and building would have a great advantage. We must get from called smart-energy all available power. So it should become such a rule for European countries to aim at new technologies for two reasons. The first is wide range of companies that could make your office or house more energy-efficient. And the second is the need to stop robbing of developing countries.

What do we want?

The only way to change the situation is to bring control over energy to the local democratic government and prevent puppet regimes that are managed from abroad. We believe that it is possible to make equal access to energy for everyone and do it recognizing all environmental features. In every country of the world there are people who stand against illegal privatization, because they want to make all the fossil fuels a property of people, not multinational companies. And our main goal is to help them.

How could we reach our goals?

First of all, we want to find allies all over the world and together overcome the energy injustice. In this case we also stand against UK government view on this problem, because it wants to push privatization forward and gift all fossil fuels of the planet to multinational companies. In our opinion, everyone could get clean and affordable energy in his own country.

And not fuel our journey from the opinions of politics which are pre – payed by oil revenues !


We have already found proofs of UK government interference in energy policy of Columbia and Indonesia (here you can find a french article on the subject), in particular, it supports the coal mines that destroy people lives and local nature. It may sound too naïve but we want British banks to stop give financial aid to coal companies, because this kind of fossil fuel is the most damaging. And now we are working on alternative plan for development secretary, which could start supporting real energy solutions and stop useless privatization.

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